on site wedding hairEven though you want to get your hair done by a professional, setting up an appointment and going to a beauty salon can be too much of a hassle. Mobile hairdressers and makeup artists can come to you and help make you look and feel your best right from the comfort of your own home. 

Mobile beauty salons are equipped with all the tools needed to create hair and makeup designs for special events like weddings and for pampering spa sessions and hair treatments. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a mobile beauty studio in Asheville, NC. 

Advantages of a Mobile Makeup Studio

1. Convenient and Comfortable

Many of us have busy lives and find it difficult to take time off to go to a salon. While some beauty salons have convenient hours, they are usually fully booked far in advance. Mobile beauty salons offer hair and makeup service right where you are, whether it be at home, a hotel, or an event center. 

With mobile beauty salons, you don’t have to travel to a salon to get your hair or makeup done. You can have the stylist come to you and be safe and comfortable in your own space. 

2. Timer Saver

Like many of us, a typical workday leaves you completely drained and stressed out. You could book a hair appointment into your busy schedule, but that means family time and sleep will have to be sacrificed. 

There are a few things that a typical trip to the salon entails. You have to drive to the beauty salon, look for a parking spot, wait for your appointment at the receptionist’s desk, wait to have your hair washed, styled, and then drive home. 

By booking an appointment with a mobile beauty salon, you can eliminate all these unnecessary steps and save time. Mobile beauty salons offer more flexible hours, allowing you to choose the best time for a beauty session based on your busy schedule. 

3. Offers a Variety of Personalized Services

A mobile hair salon offers a wide variety of services, much like a traditional salon. These services include hair and makeup styling for different events, application of hair extension and false lashes, airbrush makeup, haircuts, blow drying, hair coloring, hair styling, and more. 

Mobile hairdressers and makeup artists have the same licensing and training as stylists at a full-service salon and are just as skilled at offering hairstyling and cosmetology services. 

4. Perfect for Weddings and Other Events

Weddings and other major life events can be stressful and hectic with scheduling. Making sure your bridal party gets to the beauty salon and is ready for the wedding on time can be a real struggle. 

With a mobile hair and beauty salon, you can reduce the day’s stress by booking hairdressers and makeup stylists who will come to you and do hair and makeup for your whole group at your hotel or at the wedding venue. Mobile salons also help you look your best for a bridal shower, engagement party, elopement, or other special events.

Next time you are struggling to book a hair or makeup appointment, give Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup a call. We offer in-salon appointments and mobile services that will meet you wherever your destination is in Asheville, NC.