wedding hair and makeup trialThere are few places in the South as magical as Asheville. The largest city in western North Carolina, Asheville welcomes millions of tourists annually in every season. Wildflowers and hiking attract people to visit during the spring, while kayaking and fly-fishing bring visitors during summer. The spectacular display of fall colors along the Blue Ridge Parkway makes autumn a wonderful season in which to visit the area, while there is plenty of holiday beauty in the winter. It is not just the natural wonders that draw people to Buncombe County, world-class food and shopping make it a must-visit for people across the country. 

Western North Carolina is one of the most popular places on the East Coast for weddings. Why wouldn’t you want to get married here? Mountains, rivers, big views, rustic farms, and every type of dream wedding location is available. If you are searching for an amazing combination of everything, The Fields at Blackberry Cove is a premier wedding destination for those drawn to spending their big day in western North Carolina. If you are considering the Fields at Blackberry Cove for your wedding, Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup is here to help you get ready for your picture-perfect ceremony. 

The Fields at Blackberry Cove Wedding Hair and Makeup 

More about the Fields at Blackberry Cove from their website:

“Whether you decide to have your ceremony in The Fields themselves, under our 250-year-old oak tree, at our pond, or in the fields under the incredible Carolina blue skies, or at The Lodge in front for the huge stone fireplace, your ceremony will be a truly memorable event.”

Located just a few minutes from charming Weaverville, The Knot describes their beautiful facilities:

“The Barn is a 3,200 square foot converted stable, a unique rustic barn with the elegance of 21 chandeliers. The Barn is the perfect setting for a relaxing and comfortable celebration, whether it’s a cookout, dance, or a formal dinner.”

Downtown Weaverville is picturesque and has neat small businesses and incredible dining options. When you and your guests arrive at the Fields at Blackberry Cove, you are going to want to spend as much time as possible with each other. You need wedding hair and makeup specialists that will travel to you for your big day. Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup is just a few minutes away in downtown Asheville and would be delighted to be a part of your wedding. Contact us for your Fields at Blackberry Cove wedding hair and makeup