castle ladyhawke wedding 40One of the many perks of getting married in Asheville, NC, is the array of venues you and your fiancé can choose from. From breathtaking outdoor farms with a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains to industrial brewery spaces that highlight Asheville’s craft beer diversity and the classic setting close to downtown that allows your guests to explore the city, Asheville is the perfect location for couples to tie the knot. 

Elopement Hair & Makeup Tips for Asheville Outdoor Wedding

As spring approaches, Asheville is the best place to get married. However, when it comes to elopement hair and makeup for outdoor weddings, it poses the biggest challenge. Even during the mild temperatures, the humidity and bright sunshine are unforgiving on your wedding day. That is why a professional makeup and hairstylist is a must for your Asheville outdoor wedding. We have put together a list of elopement hair and makeup tips for your Asheville outdoor wedding. 

1. Choose the Right Foundation

The bright sun will reveal every fine detail, making the perfect fountain essential. Work with your makeup artist to decide what type of foundation is best for you and your skin needs. The weather can also affect your makeup’s performance. Use primer, setting powder, and waterproof products to keep your makeup looking fresh. 

2. Choose Your Hairstyle

No matter what season, your hairstyle is always an essential part of your bridal look. During spring with humid weather, choose a messy updo with fresh flowers to help control the frizz. For colder weather, half-down curls make the perfect winter look. You should prep your hair with anti-frizz control cream or foam and always finish with hairspray. 

3. Consider the Time of Day

The timing of your outdoor wedding determines what makeup styles look best. Early afternoon when the sun is the strongest, can create unflattering light and causes shadows under your eyes. Apply concealer with a bit of highlighter, so the sun reflects off the under eyes. For weddings taking place later in the day, define your eyes with liner and dark eye shadow. The dusk lighting with candles and lanterns will complement your makeup look. 

4. Bring a Touch-up Kit

Prepare a touch-up makeup and hair kit with blotter papers, face power, travel-sized hair spray, bobby pins, rubber bands, a few Q-tips, and lip color. It’s essential for those quick touch-ups before the ceremony and photos. 

Schedule a Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

As your big day inches closer, your wedding hair and makeup trials will give you an early glimpse of how you will look. Book your appointment a few weeks before the wedding to have time to tweak and adjust your wedding hairstyle. Discuss with your hairstylist the details of your wedding, like the venue, your dress, and style, to give them a better idea of your vision. Read our article on What Your Stylist Needs to Know About Your Big Day for more information.

As you start your elopement hair and makeup journey, Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup Studio can help you with the process. We offer on-site, mobile service, as well as our professional hair and beauty studio in Asheville, NC. Schedule your appointment today or visit our website for more information on our services and pricing for bridal hair and makeup.