For Wedding Hair and Make-Up in Asheville, Jeanne’s Studio Comes to YouYou may have dreamed about this day from the time you were little. You may have a picture in your mind of a beautiful mountain wedding, with flowers, string lights, and all of your closest friends and family. Now you have met the right person, and you were ready to say I do, but the process Is more stressful than you expected. You thought you had worked out all the details in your mind and in your scrapbook, but it turns out there are many intricate details. Now, you’re thinking about eloping. Do not throw your hands up in the air and give up just yet. In Asheville, Elope Asheville and Jeanne’s Studio can take the stress out planning for photography and hair and make-up. You do not have to “elope” to experience a relaxed wedding planning experience. In Elope Asheville’s own words:

“Perfect views and vows are not only our specialty but our passion. Our goal is to take the stress out of planning the day of your dreams so you can focus on experiencing every magical moment.” For photography at a range of Asheville-area wedding venues, you cannot go wrong with Elope. 

For Wedding Hair and Make-Up in Asheville, Jeanne’s Studio Comes to You

Asheville and its surrounding areas is a spectacular venue for your big day. Whether it’s a quick trip to elope, or your perfect wedding takes place at one of western North Carolina’s large venues with a big crowd of loved ones, we can do it. Our specialty is bridal hair and makeup.

We love being a support for such a busy, important day, and to lend our talent in helping you to feel confident, settled, and beautiful during your wedding and afterward – long into the celebration. Your closest friends and family will all be there, and you will want to spend as much time with them as possible. One way to cut the stress and maximize the time you get with the ones you love; Jeanne’s will come to you. We have served brides and bridal parties in several Asheville-area locations, including but by no means limited to: 

If you would like a wedding hair and make-up studio that will come to you, contact Jeanne’s Hair and Make-Up Studio