anastasia1When you envision your wedding day, do you picture your ceremony taking place amidst beautiful forests and stunning mountain views? Or do you see yourself tying the knot at a giant stone castle overlooking rolling green hills? If your perfect ceremony tucked into a deep forest? Can you see your wedding party enjoying company in a great hall with giant rafters? Is there a rolling river nearby, babbling as you say your vows with that special someone? 

You can have all of that and more at Castle Ladyhawke. Located in the Bear Lake Reserve area of Tuckasegee, NC, Castle Ladyhawke could have fallen straight out of a fairytale wedding sketchbook. Per their website:

“This gorgeous 60-acre landscape of mountains, trees, sweeping views of the Tuckasegee River Valley, and the beauty of the North Carolina wilderness. At the centerpiece, the jewel in the crown, sits Castle Ladyhawke, Western North Carolina’s only fully functioning castle constructed from historically accurate Scottish architecture.”

While the castle’s exterior is stunning, the interior is just as marvelous. You will find in it three suites, a great room that rivals any from film or television, and a 3-level spiral staircase. There is both a caterer’s kitchen and outdoor cooking space, with numerous backdrops for ceremonies and pictures. 

If you have been considering western North Carolina for your special day, add Castle Ladyhawke to your list of potential venues. You can call to request an in-person or virtual tour of the facility and grounds before you book, so you will want to take full advantage of that. For hair and makeup at Castle Ladyhawke, look no further than Jeanne’s Hair and Make-Up. We will come to you, so you do not have to miss a moment at your beautiful venue. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup for Castle Ladyhawke Weddings

Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup have been traveling all over the mountains and valleys of western North Carolina helping bridal parties highlight and portray their beauty. We know that one of the most important components of hair and beauty is to listen to our clients. Not just about what your day was like (although do tell), but what you want – even if you don’t know what you want yet!

If you are considering Castle Ladyhawke or one of the other amazing venues in the Asheville area, Jeanne’s Hair and Make-Up will come to you. Contact us today to find out more about our studio and wedding hair and makeup services.