A wedding is a chance to celebrate your heritage or beliefs while beginning a new life with the person you love. Many couples choose to honor their religion through their wedding day, and incorporating traditional wedding vows from your faith or culture is a great way to do so. Some may also borrow these, whether a part of the faith or not.

One of the many benefits of eloping is the small list of to-dos on your elopement checklist when compared to a traditional wedding. However, there is still much to be done before the big day. 

A vow renewal ceremony is a popular way for couples to reaffirm their commitment to one another. It's also a great opportunity for couples to have a unique wedding experience again, as well as a wedding anniversary photoshoot. Vow renewals are usually held during the 10, 25, or 50 years milestones of marriage.

Why renew your wedding vows? Vow renewals are an excellent way to rekindle the passion in a relationship. Vow renewals reaffirm couples' promises to each other and serve as a flashback to the wedding day itself. As a result, after being married for a long time, a couple may choose an intimate vow renewal ceremony.

We've seen a significant increase in elopements in the last year or so, and it appears that more and more couples are foregoing planning a large wedding in favor of something far more personal. Many couples plan elopements for a variety of reasons, including shyness, marrying on a budget, a chance to travel, or difficult family dynamics. 

For other couples, the prospect of a large wedding is simply too overwhelming. Whatever your reason for eloping and wherever you elope, it's important to make it memorable.