What Your Stylist Needs To Know About Your Big Day

What Your Stylist Needs To Know About Your Big Day

From the moment you say "yes" to the most important question you have ever been asked, there is so much to plan, so many details to work out. Planning your wedding day is as fun as it is stressful, or stressful as it is fun, we are not sure which is truer. It's going to be amazing, though, we know that for sure. In the process of planning your big day, you can actually plan to be less stressed. 

What do we mean?

You can choose a wedding venue that includes a place for your wedding party to stay, key items such as tables and chairs, and in-house catering. You can choose to reduce the number of hands-on crafts and decorations that require a lot of time and coordination to put up. You can choose a make-up and hair stylist who can come to you at your venue. You save yourself the headache of searching for your stylist's studio during an already busy day, and you do not run the risk of GPS issues. 

If you choose a stylist like Jeanne's Hair and Make-Up that can come to you, we need some key details to help better serve you and you. Here are five things we need to know about your wedding and your venue:

Five Things Your Stylist Needs to Know About Your Ceremony and Venue

1) Is It Indoor or Outdoor (or Both)?

Are you getting married under a tree, in view of the mountains, or in front of a waterfall? Are you in a rustic barn, Victorian home, or church sanctuary? Are you doing a bit of each? Your make-up and hair stylists need to know what your venue is like, so we can be better prepared for what you will need.

2) How Many People and What Are Their Needs?

Will you have a few key family members in the wedding party or a large group? Will the groomsmen be included in your hair and make-up preparation? Does anyone have specific needs? The more we can learn before we arrive, the smoother and more relaxing our process will be. 

3) What Is the Availability of Tables, Chairs, Mirrors?

Do you have plenty of tables and chairs for preparation? Are there mirrors so you can see the result of your hair and make-up session?

4) What Is the Lighting?

Lighting plays a crucial role in the hair and make-up process. We want to know what kind of lighting you expect inside and outdoors, natural and artificial, so we can prepare to highlight your natural beauty. 

5) What Is Your Timeline?

Your big day may involve breakfast or brunch, portraits, and a ceremony. One question you will have to answer is at one point in the day you will want your bridal party in their hair and make-up. There might be a balance between early enough for photos and late enough to avoid some potential pitfalls. You will also need to factor enough time for the hair and make-up process; however, it will require a much smaller portion of your big day if you choose a hair and make-up stylist that can come to you.

If you need help choosing a venue, you can take a look at a few of our partner venues:

Of course, if you choose one of these venues, we will already have some familiarity with the layout, lighting, and facilities. Even if yours is not on the list, we have performed hair and make-up for bridal parties at many locations throughout the Asheville area. We love being a support for such a busy, important day, and to lend our talent in helping you to feel confident, settled, and beautiful during your wedding and afterward – long into the celebration. Contact Jeanne's Hair and Make-Up Studio for stylists who will come to you.