What You Need to Know About Elopement Flowers

What You Need to Know About Elopement Flowers

Eloping may mean a smaller ceremony, but that doesn't mean you can't have beautiful flowers to add to the experience. Whether you choose to elope with just the two of you or have a small wedding with family and friends, we believe it's important to choose a professional florist for your special day. 

Floral arrangements for elopements, especially for adventurous couples, must check several boxes: they must be able to withstand being outside, traveling, and remain perfectly bloomed throughout the day. If you're planning an elopement, here's everything you should know about elopement flowers.


Do You Need an Elopement Bouquet?

Everyone's wedding day is special and unique to them, especially when it comes to eloping. No matter how big or small it is, eloping doesn't mean you have to skip out on some of the most important aspects of your special day. Elopement flowers can feel like nothing but an additional expense, and some brides may decide not to have flowers.

 If you choose to have flowers, they can complement your look with the environment. For example, they can give color to your white gown and make you look stunning in pictures. A beautiful bouquet of flowers will also provide you with something to carry as you go down the aisle, which will help to calm your nerves on your wedding day. 

Things You Should Consider When Getting Elopement Flowers

1. Start with a Consultation

A floral consultation will most often begin with a discussion on color and your theme. The colors you use in your floral arrangements will be inspired by the season and time of year. 

You'll also talk about the various flower and foliage choices available and determine which fits your overall look. Trust the expertise and do your best to be open to new ideas and creativity. And remember, a collaborative process always produces the best results!

2. Location and Season

There are a few different things to consider while planning an elopement. The time of year, temperature, weather conditions, and length of time the flowers will be in outdoor conditions must be considered and discussed with the florist. Your flowers should not only look beautiful, but they should also last till the end of the day. 

If you're concerned that your flowers won't last all day, your florist can use textured foliage accents, dried elements, and other unique pods, berries, and plants that can withstand terrain and weather conditions.

3. Pricing and Budget

It's a common misconception that elopement flowers are less expensive than larger, more traditional wedding flowers. However, while deciding on your pricing, we recommend spending the same on each item for an elopement.

Even if each stem is not used in your designs, a florist will purchase your flowers in bulk, and this will be incorporated into the price. Having more than just a bouquet and boutonniere for your elopement is also a good option and can help you stay within your budget. 

We recommend bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair flowers, personalized ceremony pieces, and a tablescape design for dinner as some fun pieces that will compliment your style. We encourage you to be creative and make sure there are flowers in all of the spots that your photographer will capture throughout the day.

4. Wedding Theme and Style

Every wedding has a unique theme, location, and style because no two couples have the same plans and aspirations. Some couples choose a simple and elegant elopement, while others prefer a vintage aesthetic to create something one-of-a-kind. It's entirely up to you to decide which wedding theme best suits your style.

 Once you've decided on a theme, location, and style for your wedding, finding the perfect bouquet will be much easier. For example, a hand-tied bouquet of roses and lilies or leafy branches with various textures, large face flowers, and delicately detailed multi-bloom flowers is ideal for an outdoor spring wedding. 

Similarly, some colors go well with seaside elopements, while other colors look gorgeous in the highland. If you choose the right colors that blend in with the surroundings, you'll notice how nicely they complement the scenery and appear great in photos.  

Elopement Hair and Makeup Services 

If you’re like many of our eloping couples, you've decided to elope to avoid the stress, anxiety, and pressure that traditional weddings may bring. However, you can still bring those sentiments back by deciding what flowers to incorporate into your elopement. 

Another important detail is how you will look on your special day. At Jeanne's Hair & Makeup, we want every bride to look their most beautiful. We not only provide exceptional beauty services, but we also partner with some of the best florists in Asheville, NC. For more information about our on-site, mobile makeup and hair services, contact us.