Wedding Hair and Makeup for a Micro Wedding, Minimony, or Elopement

Wedding Hair and Makeup for a Micro Wedding, Minimony, or Elopement

Many people dream of their big day. They picture a wedding ceremony that is a large affair with all their favorite family and friends. However, they may not imagine all of the planning involved in a large ceremony. 

From seating arrangements to food and catering, it is easy to get bogged down with intricate details. Many find they are so tired from planning they are just ready to get it all over with by the time the date arrives. 

To avoid the stress of planning a large ceremony, many couples opt for a micro wedding, minimony, or elopement. Here is what you need to know about smaller ceremonies and how to make sure your hair and makeup still look great. 


What Is the Difference Between a Micro Wedding, Minimony, and Elopement?

It can be challenging to plan a giant wedding ceremony in the best of times. Now nearly two years into a global pandemic, finding a place to accommodate all your guests can be nearly impossible. Even if you can find a venue that works for everyone, you may not be confident in your ability to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Nevertheless, love doesn’t wait, and you want to make sure you celebrate it. The micro wedding, minimony, or elopement may be your answer. The Bunn House, an event venue in the Asheville area, supplies helpful definitions here:

Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is exactly what it sounds like, a small wedding ceremony with a guest list of fewer than fifty people. With a micro wedding, you will have to carefully decide who you invite; however, practicing social distancing will be much easier. 

Additionally, planning the details is always more straightforward with fewer people. 


A minimony is more intimate than a micro wedding. It may just involve your wedding party or include a few additional guests (less than ten). The minimony is a trending option, providing couples with a chance to declare their love for one another and vows publicly while also maintaining venue flexibility and health, and safety. 


Elopement is the more “traditional” small wedding option. Couples who elope may choose to do so in secret or just alert a few close friends and family members of their choice. 

Regardless of whether you elope or choose a small ceremony, you do not need to sacrifice some of the parts of your ceremony about which you have dreamed, including:

  • Tying the knot at an amazing venue
  • Spending time with the people you love most
  • Having professional photographs and a stunning wedding film
  • Getting a beautiful dress and having your hair and make-up done professionally

Here are some of our favorite fall wedding hairstyles perfect for any size ceremony:

Our Top Bridal Looks for Fall Wedding Hairstyles | Micromony, Elopement, or Wedding

Every bride cares about their wedding outfit. It’s arguably the star of the show on your special day, and that probably won’t ever change. But after you have said yes to your bridal attire, the next question is, “How are you going to wear your hair?” 

At Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup, we have worked with tons of new brides on coordinating their hairstyles with their outfits and know a few things about fall bridal wedding hairstyles in Asheville, NC. 

Here are a few of our favorite looks for your wedding.

  • Soft Retro Waves: A sleek slicked-back look with an adorned hair accessory with an almost wet-look finger-wave style is an ideal short hair styling choice to compliment the fall vibes. For long hair, loose with a strong curl pattern paired with a strapless dress is the perfect, elegant bridal combination for a fall wedding look. When the hair is down, style one side pulled back with an accessory. It works exceptionally well on brides who don’t want to wear a veil. 
  • Classic, Tousled Styles: The tousles and effortless hairstyle is becoming a popular style for fall wedding hairstyles. These styles include braids, classic curls, and half-up, half-down looks, which are always great for your special day.
  • Side-Swept Braids: Braids are a great look that can accent almost any dress. You can style braids effortlessly, elegance and they are easily incorporated into the fall look. 
  • Mermaid-Length Ponytails: The long-haired look is a classic ponytail with lots of texture, yet it still looks polished. It’s one of the best looks for a fall wedding because it’s romantic, versatile, and can handle unpredictable weather. Another advantage is the ponytail can easily be transformed into an updo. 
  • Organic Textures: For wedding hairstyles this fall, one popular option is a hairstyle that is loose and soft, touchable waves with a more organic texture. 
  • Slick-Back with Volume: For short-length hair, slick back on one side with full volume and texture with a volumizing finishing spray can achieve a beautiful, head-turning hairstyle. 
  • Soft Textures: Our personal favorite fall wedding hairstyle for short hair is simply down with a soft, natural wave. If your dress is minimal, tuck one side behind your ear or add a hairpiece. 

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