Self Care Tips for Valentine’s Day

Self Care Tips for Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a date this Valentine’s Day or whether you’re basking in your singleness this holiday, everyone can use some time for self-care. These self-care tips are sure to have you feeling great and looking great. 

So, for all of those who are either “dressing to impress” or either spending a little time learning to love yourself and take care of your body, here are some self-care tips to consider this Valentine’s Day.


7 Ways to Love Yourself This Holiday of Love

Valentine’s Day is the Holiday of Love, right? So let’s take some time to show that love to those who matter most to us. Just because it’s a holiday that we typically focus on romantic love doesn’t mean that it has to be limited to that. Whether it be family, friends, or a significant other, this list of self-care could be a way to treat them. 

We also don’t have to limit that love to others. Maybe you spend a lot of time as a single person working and taking care of others. This Valentine’s Day, what you need is to take some time to love yourself, let go, treat yourself, and take on some of these self-care tips:

1. Facial

We often times skip out on taking care of our skin. We come home from a long day of work, and we just don’t feel like doing anything else. So, we tend to skip washing our face and hydrating it as we should.

Make a plan before Valentine’s Day and book a facial appointment. Let someone else do the work and come out with even tones, having a glow and looking refreshed. 

If you find yourself with a stricter budget and can’t really afford a professional facial, that is okay. Your local Target or Walmart has plenty of skincare items and products that you can stock up on before Valentine’s Day. 

Natural products are great, but at the end of the day, you want to remember the three steps of skincare and creating that afterglow:

  1. Exfoliate and Cleanse
  2. Tone (a natural toner option is Witch Hazel)
  3. Moisturize (a natural moisturizer option is Jojoba Oil)

Take care of your skin this Valentine’s Day!

2. Massage

A massage is the thing everyone needs but rarely ever gets. Whether you book an appointment for a massage, buy home massage technology, or just go sit in a free massage chair somewhere, we know you can use it. 

In the “rat race” of America, we tend to carry a lot of stress and pressure. No matter who you are,  mental stress almost always manifests into the body and creates muscle tension. Make the right decision for your body this Valentine’s Day, and take care of those tight muscles so you can walk away relaxed and at ease.

3. Hair

We could talk all day long about hair. There are so many things you can do this Valentine’s Day for self-care related to your hair. 

First, take some time to nourish your hair. Step away from the harsh products that are drying your hair out and damaging it. Buy a silk pillow to keep your hair from tangling when you sleep. Get a hair mask done. Masks are not only for your face, but they also have them for your hair.

Second, get that haircut that you’ve been wanting but have been too afraid to get. Chances are, if you love it, confidence will radiate from you, and others will love it too. 

Third, get your hair done just because. Even if you are not going out on a date, you can treat yourself and get your hair styled and look beautiful for yourself.

4. Nails and Makeup

Who doesn’t feel more beautiful after getting their nails done and having a little makeup on? The good news about this, the same as many of these other tips, is that you can splurge and spend money to have these things done, or you can have it done at home if you’re sticking to a budget. 

Make an appointment with a local salon, go to the store, or order online and find yourself feeling more glamorous and self-confident this Valentine’s Day.

5. Dress Up

This one can go two different ways. You can either put on that little black dress that you keep in your closet for special occasions, or you can break down and go shopping for a dress that makes you feel drop-dead gorgeous. 

Sometimes it takes just the right dress with just the right shape to boost your mood and kiss those insecurities goodbye.

6. Indulge

Steak, chocolates, Hot Cheetos, whatever it is for you, let loose and let yourself have some of the beautiful flavors we have on this earth. Celebrate the life you have, this earth we have, the amazing foods we have, and enjoy them!

7. Meditation, Contemplation, and Prayer

Though all of these things are awesome, what is most important is taking care of your mind, emotions, and spirit. Taking some quiet time for meditation, contemplation, and/or prayer is a great way to bring you back to tranquility. 

After this time of soul care, you will leave more peaceful and less bothered by the woes of life. It will be beneficial not only for you but for all of those around you as you exude calmness and positivity to those who need it.

Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup Studio

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