How to Prepare For a Wedding Trial

How to Prepare For a Wedding Trial

Let’s face it, we all have experienced bad hair days. But the only important day to avoid having a bad hair day is your wedding day. Bridal hair and makeup trials may be on the last thing you plan, but you should be thinking about scheduling a trial ahead of time. Between trying different hairstyles, makeup looks, and choosing a salon, it becomes just as important.

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for your wedding trial to ensure you will be looking your best on your big day.


7 Tips to Help Get Ready for Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

Schedule Ahead

Brides have a lot on their plates when scheduling appointments. From cake tasting to venue touring, wedding trails should be on the list. Schedule your hair and makeup trial two-three months before your wedding. If you book too early in the planning process, the changing of trends or changes in your style could lead to second-guessing. If you wait too late, you might find yourself stressing for extra time.

Have Inspirational and Reference Photos

When you meet with your hair and makeup artist, bring photos. Lots of them. Any inspirational and reference photos will help the stylist develop a cohesive vision of what you expect your look to be. Bring hair accessories and extensions. Also, bring photos of your dress and bouquet for your stylist to have aesthetic guidance. Be clear about what you want and don’t feel afraid to speak up.

Bring Your Makeup Bag

Whether you are a bride that has a makeup routine or favorable makeup products, you can bring your makeup bag to the trial. Stylists can do a beautiful job with their products, but if you have sensitive skin, bring products that sit well on your skin and make you feel comfortable.

Come With a Bare Face

If you are attending a hair and makeup trial with a stylist, come with a natural and bare face. The night before, apply your skin routine and make sure you moisturize and have your face ready and prepped for the trial. Having a clean and bare face will hold the makeup better.

Wash Hair Night Before

You want to wash your hair the night before because it allows your hair to be in it’s most natural state. Go easy on the conditioner and air dry before you go to bed. Do not style or pre-straighten your hair if you are planning on having it up or curled. Straightening your hair will make your hair harder to work with and hold in place if you decide to pin your hair up. You want your hair to be as natural as possible.

Bring Your Accessories

Bring all of your accessories and don’t forget to pack your veil and other headpieces. You want your look to be exactly what you imagine for your wedding day. Any jewelry like earrings and necklaces you plan to wear should be brought as well. This will give you a better visual of how your style will look with the addition of accessories.

Dress Right

If you want to imagine yourself and make your trial that much more enjoyable, wear a white shirt with a similar style and neckline of your wedding dress. This allows you to get a better idea of your big-day look. After your trial, plan a night out to repurpose your look for the rest of the day. Wear clothes that are easy to change out of and into. When you are out, it is a good opportunity to see if the style doesn’t fall out easily. You want to make sure your style can withstand a full day of activities. 

All these tips will help with a better, successful, and productive wedding trial. It will allow you to be prepared and cross out hair and makeup off your list so you can focus more time and energy into all those important details to make your big day look perfect as possible.

Think About Hiring a Hair and Makeup Professional

If you are debating on whether you should hire a professional wedding and hair and make-up stylist, check out this blog to help you decide on how hiring a professional can save you time and a way to treat yourself.

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