How to Choose When and Where to Get Married in Asheville

How to Choose When and Where to Get Married in Asheville

Any excited bride has done her research on all things related to the wedding, so it seems almost silly to say “do your research.” However, that’s really where the information lies when it comes to what’s important in considering when and where to get married in Asheville.
There are so many factors to consider when making these big decisions, but we also know the chances of everything lining up perfectly is probably not going to happen. The important thing to remember is to not get lost in making the wedding so beautiful that you miss the beauty of two coming together as one.

In order to help alleviate some of the stress of planning the wedding we’ve put together a small list of items to consider when planning the when and where of your wedding in Asheville, NC. 


How to Choose When and Where to Get Married in Asheville

Chances are you’ve already thought about the colors you want for the wedding, along with a budget, and the photographer. We’re going to help you use those important factors to help you build a plan of when and where to get married.

1) Temperature

Asheville is not Southern California with an eternal spring. The temperatures in winter can be below 50 degrees fahrenheit, and in the summer above 80 degrees fahrenheit. 

With that in mind, if you have an outdoor wedding you may want to consider which season fits yours and your bridesmaids’ wardrobes. A hot summer day could also be miserable for guests if there is no shade for them. 

Regardless of temperature, Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup can help you find an updo for the summer with the best products to fight humidity frizz, or a downdo that still doesn’t take away or hide the features of your look and wardrobe you want to accentuate. 

2) Colors in Nature

Take advantage of the beauty in nature. What is the color scheme that you’ve set for your wedding? Which season you get married in can help naturally compliment that colors you have set for your wedding. In mid October Asheville will be set ablaze with the red, oranges, and yellows of fall amongst the foliage. 

From the beginning of April until June there will be lush green spread across the trees and fields of the mountains. You may even find that you can use the natural florals and wildflowers of spring to save money on bouquets and decor.

3) Help Your Photographer Help You

If you haven’t decided on a venue yet you may consider talking to your photographer about lighting. Indoors, such as in a church,  is harder, though not impossible, for photographers and capturing photos because of lighting. 

Also, contrary to common thought, sunny days are not the best lighting for pictures. Believe it or not, overcast weather makes for better pictures because of less shadows on the eyes. 

A ceremony is for a moment, but pictures are forever. You want to remember your wedding day, and having great pictures to capture the day will help you remember the beauty of that day, and how beautiful you felt that day with your gorgeous hair and makeup.

4) Beautiful and in Budget

A wedding venue can be one of the most expensive things in your wedding budget. Costing on average between $3,000 to $11,000, one can be intimidated and stressed for staying within budget. The truth is, though, you don’t have to spend that much money to have a beautiful wedding venue. There are a bountiful amount of parks in Asheville and the surrounding area. 

If you do your research and call around, the chances are that you could find one to use for your wedding for cheap and perhaps even for free. Parks are a great way to do a venue on a budget without doing beauty on a budget. 

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