Do’s and Don’ts of Eloping

Do’s and Don’ts of Eloping

We've seen a significant increase in elopements in the last year or so, and it appears that more and more couples are foregoing planning a large wedding in favor of something far more personal. Many couples plan elopements for a variety of reasons, including shyness, marrying on a budget, a chance to travel, or difficult family dynamics. 

For other couples, the prospect of a large wedding is simply too overwhelming. Whatever your reason for eloping and wherever you elope, it's important to make it memorable.


Reasons Why Couples Elope

Is a huge bridal shower not your style? Maybe you and your partner are the types who are always looking for new experiences. Or perhaps you want to save money for a new life together and have just realized that your next beach vacation could easily double as your wedding. Many couples are choosing to elope rather than have a traditional wedding ceremony for these and other reasons.

An elopement is an intimate, experience-driven, intentional celebration of your relationship that focuses on what is most important: two people exchanging vows and committing their lives to one another. There are many different types of elopements, but adventure elopements are usually held outside in nature and include some element of adventure. 

Eloping allows you to let go of stress and expectations, as well as any traditions that no longer resonate with you. You can elope with just the two of you, or you can elope with your closest family and friends.

Do Make It All About You

If you've decided to elope, one of the most significant advantages is that you can make it all about the two of you! Make sure that you do exactly what you want to do. This can be as formal or casual as you like to make the day unique for you as a couple.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Eloping 

Couples who elope frequently feel guilty and selfish about their decision. While this is understandable, you should not feel obligated to justify your decision to anyone. This is your day, so you can celebrate in whatever way you and your partner want. 

Whatever your reasons are, they are your reasons and do not need to be justified or apologized for. Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. Enjoy every moment of your wedding, knowing that you and your partner had the wedding of your dreams.

Do Determine a Budget

While elopements are less expensive than large weddings, they are not without expenses. Sit down with your spouse and begin discussing numbers. How much of your savings or disposable income can you commit to this? 

Be realistic about your expectations and your budget, and provide some wiggle space for unexpected charges. With its firm bottom line, your budget will guide the rest of the process and help you manage any difficult decisions.

Do Make The Most Out of Your Savings

A common reason for eloping is that the costs of a larger wedding can quickly become expensive. Instead of spending thousands on a venue, DJ, and reception, make the most of your elopement savings by treating yourself and your partner to a delicious meal or luxurious lodging. Or if you have wiggle room in your budget, consider hiring a photographer or a florist for your bouquet, hair and makeup, and any other unexpected expenses.

Don’t Skimp On Every Tradition

Just because you're eloping doesn't mean you can't incorporate wedding traditions. Write your wedding vows, exchange rings, wear a borrowed item, eat the cake, perform the first dance, and toast each other. Eloping does not necessarily imply foregoing all of the traditions that will make your wedding memorable. 

Make the wedding one you'll never forget, and don't skip the honeymoon. Discuss which traditions you should keep and which you should discard with your partner.

Eloping at Jeanne’s Hair & Makeup Studio

Elopements allow you to be your most authentic self, and they are far less stressful than a traditional wedding. No matter what or where you choose, Jeanne's Hair & Makeup Studio would love to be a part of your elopement. We offer on-site and in-salon elopement hair and makeup services for you and your bridal party in Asheville, NC. 

In addition, we have a lovely space that is ideal for an elopement ceremony, as well as elopement preparation. To learn more about our bridal packages or if you're interested in our elopement property, contact us.