Asheville Wedding Budget Tips

Asheville Wedding Budget Tips

Many brides dream of hosting a beautiful, elegant, and unforgettable wedding but don’t want to experience the financial aftermath. The best solution for a budget-friendly wedding is to carefully take a look at all the expenses involved with the wedding and find a realistic, frugal way to cut back on expenses – without sacrificing your dream wedding plans. 

According to The Knot, a typical American wedding comes to about $28.5K, however by pairing down minor details, limiting your guest list to 50 people, you can easily reach under 4K in your wedding expenses. 


How to Have a Beautiful Wedding - On a Budget

1. Start Planning Early

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of details and expenses that go into one big day. The more time you give yourself to plan, the easier it will be to find budget-friendly ideas and bargains. Since there are many wedding elements that rack up the cost, investing more time in your planning can cut those expenses down. 

Give yourself an extra few months between the start of planning and the event to search for deals. 

2. Ask Guests for Wedding Services Instead of Gifts

Choose a location for your wedding that’s close and convenient for the majority of your guest list. With your wedding location being local, it gives you the opportunity to ask friends and family you’re inviting to the wedding if they would be willing to provide additional help without them traveling far. 

Guests might be able to gift services, including photography, tend the bar at the reception, or perform any other tasks that a wedding entails as their wedding gift. 

3. Hold the Ceremony in a Backyard or Outdoors

The average American wedding venue adds up to around a third of the total cost of your special day. While trimming down your guest list to 50 people can help reduce this cost, hosting your wedding in a friend’s backyard or at a free outdoor space can significantly cut down the cost. 

If your guest list is small, finding a budget-friendly venue is much more feasible. Some National Parks have a small fee for those who want to elope, but it’s significantly lower than paying for a full-service venue. 

Budget-Friendly Asheville Wedding Locations in Nature

There are many beautiful budget-friendly venues in Asheville, NC. If you are planning a small wedding or elopement, we have picked a number of budget-friendly venues in nature that provide a gorgeous backdrop for your dream wedding. 

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Pisgah National Forest
  • North Carolina Arboretum

4. Cater Yourself or Hire a Family-Owned Restaurant

Your small guest list can save quite a lot on catering, but you can save even more by finding a low-cost catering option. The average cost per catered plate is estimated at around $50 per guest. Instead of finding a high-end catering company, ask a family or friend to provide a prepared meal and service as a wedding gift. 

If this isn’t an option, ask a local family-owned restaurant to cater your wedding. They might be hesitant to cater for a large event, but if your guest list is relatively small, they may be willing to as a less expensive option. 

5. Buy a Small Cake or Cupcakes

Rather than going to a wedding cake specialist and spending over $350 on a decorative cake, see what options are available for a smaller, simpler cake from your local bakery or grocery store. 

Many grocery stores offer a variety of wedding cake options, ranging from different frostings, filling, tiered, and cupcakes that would easily serve 50 guests without it breaking your budget. 

6. Affordable Bridal Hair and Makeup

How your hair and makeup look as you walk down the aisle is just as important as your wedding dress. However, how much you decide to spend on your beauty look is completely your decision. Some brides choose to have specific funds for their hair and makeup to be full glam, while others reserve a smaller budget for their styles. 

No matter what you decide, finding a local and reputable bridal hair and makeup salon that matches your style and budget is the most important. At Jeanne’s Hair and Makeup Studio, we work with many beautiful brides tailored to their budget and style so they can shine bright. 

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