8 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Shower

8 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Shower

When planning for the perfect bridal shower, you need a solid checklist to get you started and keep you organized. Having a bridal shower checklist will help you keep track of your growing list of things to do leading up to the bride’s special day. 

A checklist will also help you from worrying about forgetting anything. That is why we have created a list of tips that should be included in your bridal shower planning checklist. 


8 Great Bridal Shower Tips

1. The Location

First things first, where would you like to host the shower? Pick something super simple to access or one of the bride-to-be’s favorite spots. This could be a restaurant, park, event venue, community center, or someone’s house. 

After you have decided on a location, will it be available in time? Knowing where to have the party is often the best place to start planning a bridal shower, and the venue’s availability will make it easier for you to set a date. 

2. The Food and Drink

In most cases, you and the bride can decide on a menu, but don’t overcomplicate it! Unfortunately, some of the invitees may not be the biggest fans of the items on the menu or could have allergies or dietary preferences. 

Creating a menu and sharing it with the guests can be a good way to narrow it down to the best meals. That way, everyone at the party will have options on what to eat and drink. 

Also, make sure you diversify the drinks and ensure that there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available.

3. The Guest List

Compiling the guest list may require the bride to make a few suggestions and tell you who she wants you to invite. The bride also needs to provide you with their contact details; that way, you can confirm whether they’ll be able to make it to the show. 

The guest list must be customized according to the bride’s preference. So, you should make sure you ask her questions like: “Are kids allowed? How many people? Can the guests bring their friends?” 

The more information you can get from the bride, the easier it will be for you to plan her perfect bridal shower.

4. The Theme

Do you have a theme in mind? Bridal shower themes are important because they add a little fun to the whole event. You can use themes to create a sense of inclusion and belonging among the attendees, add humor or fun to the bridal shower, or familiarize the bride with their honeymoon destinations. 

Bridal shower themes can be as simple as setting a dress code, decorating the venue, and having little favors for guests.

5. The Budget

The last but most important item you should have on your bridal shower planning checklist is the budget. You have to determine how much the event will cost after you factor in everything. This includes the venue, professional service like hiring entertainers, photographers, food, drinks, decorations, and so on. 

You need to make sure that the event’s budget is affordable and reasonable to the person who’s paying. Also, make sure you reserve some cash for emergencies or things you may forget to include in your budget. 

6. The Date

When would be the best time to have the bridal shower? That’s a question you need to ask the bride because planning a wedding can be a bit time-consuming, and she might not have a lot of free time in her schedule. 

Ask the bride when she’ll be free to help decide on the perfect date. If some of the guests will be visiting from out of town, you could set the date closer to the wedding day. That way they won’t have to travel twice or wait for long before the wedding day. 

7. The Invitations

The only thing remaining is to send out the invitations. This should be done at least a month in advance to give the attendees enough time to prepare. 

In the invitation, make sure you include all the important information, including the date, location, theme, food, menu, and your contact details. In case someone wants to contact you about the bridal shower, they know where to reach you. 

8. The Hairstyle and Look

Most brides want to stand out on their wedding day, so they rely on a team of beauty experts to help them get a hair and makeup look that makes them look and feel their best. But what about all the events leading up to the wedding day? 

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