6 Reasons to Elope in Western North Carolina

6 Reasons to Elope in Western North Carolina

Getting married and beginning life with a significant other is a monumental occasion. Traditionally, your wedding day is celebrated with a large group of friends and family. Nonetheless, many couples prefer to keep their wedding day private and personal. In this blog, we will discuss the various reasons why couples choose to elope rather than plan a traditional wedding. 


Six Reasons to Elope in Western North Carolina

1. Elopements Are Less Stressful

It can be stressful to plan a wedding, especially when deciding who to invite and what your families will think of your plans. A traditional wedding involves a large number of people, including guests, vendors, and venue staff. It's easy to become overwhelmed and stressed on your wedding day, and who wants that? 

Eloping relieves you of that burden, allowing you to begin your life together with exciting adventures. If the thought of planning, coordinating, and balancing a wedding makes you overwhelmed, consider eloping in the mountains and spending an intimate day with the person you love.

2. Elopements Are Unique and Personal 

Eloping is simpler than a traditional wedding in many ways, one of which is that you have no limitations. You can personalize your elopement, including the venue, location, vows, guests, and even what you wear. 

Eloping is perfect for couples who value experience above an extravagant wedding or would prefer to spend their money on something more meaningful. Furthermore, there are no constraints on eloping on your wedding day. The most important thing you can do is appreciate your uniqueness as a couple. 

3. Elopements Are Less Expensive

Without a doubt, a traditional wedding is costly and requires a lot of expenses. If you decide to elope, you’ll save money by cutting out expenses that don’t add value to your experience. Instead, you’ll get to choose what’s most important to you and how you want to spend your money. 

Another good reason to elope is to save money on frivolous expenses such as party favors, decorations, and hor' devours while refocusing your time and energy on your special day. If you're looking for reasons to elope, the cost of a traditional wedding might be enough to sway you.

4. Elopements Are Intimate and Meaningful

It's nearly impossible to focus solely on each other at a traditional wedding, no matter how in the moment you plan to be. You'll be preoccupied with timelines, to-do lists, guests, and the event. It's difficult to make time for each other when there are so many people who want your attention at your wedding. 

Eloping is a personal, intimate, and one-of-a-kind experience. You can have an authentic experience while still being present and enjoying the day with your spouse.

5. Elopements Can Avoid Wedding Day Drama

We've all got difficult relatives. Or maybe family stresses you out, or they’re putting demands on you to get married the way they want, not you. However, it doesn’t even have to be an opinionated or difficult family. 

Perhaps you have a large family or a large number of friends. If the thought of planning a wedding for a large guest list makes you nervous and stressed, that's a perfect reason to elope! 

​​You have the option to set your own boundaries, which means you can invite a few close friends and family members. Finally, every couple is unique, and you deserve a wedding that is genuine and reflects who you are. 

Maybe it's just you and your partner. Perhaps it's with a small group of cherished family and friends. Whatever it is, eloping allows you to create the day you want and deserve. 

6. Elopements Can Be a Travel Destination

One of the best reasons to elope is having the opportunity to explore somewhere new together. Many couples who choose to elope are adventurous and prefer the traveling experience over a traditional wedding. Eloping is a great choice if you want to combine your honeymoon and wedding day into one large event without the stress of planning a traditional wedding. 

Elopements are different from a destination wedding, in which you must coordinate all of your guests' arrival times and accommodations. If you decide to elope, you will have fewer limitations on where you can hold your ceremony. When you decide to elope, you have so many options, and that is incentive enough for many couples to elope.

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